We understand the business of hotels.

We’re storytellers who think like revenue managers.

That might sound like a weird thing for a creative agency to say. But much like hotel revenue management, what we do depends on delivering the right message in the right medium to the right audience at the right time.

And just like a skilled revenue manager knows exactly where each segment of guest gets value out of their stay, our experienced hotel copywriters understand what to emphasize to catch guests’ attention, and convince them to book a trip.

At TRAVELEXICON, we strive to build creative partnerships that make our clients better marketers. We don’t just want to write your emails and brochures and websites. We want to help you understand what it is your best guests love about you, and how you can use that knowledge stand out from your compset when it’s time for guests to book. 

We get hotels – because we’re hotel professionals too, having worked directly with guests – and in the back offices – at some of the largest hotels in the world. We understand the hotel operator’s perspective, not just the guest’s. And we realize that ultimately, the hospitality business is about taking care of people. Your guests put their trust in you – and you can put your trust in us.

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Jay Fenster is the Creative Director for TRAVELEXICON.



TRAVELEXICON is guided by Owner + Creative Director Jay Fenster. Jay has over 13 years of experience in the hospitality industry, giving a compelling voice to iconic brands like Caesars, Hard Rock, Best Western, Planet Hollywood, and Harrah’s. Jay is an award-winning marketing professional whose knowledge, skills, and abilities span the full stack: digital, direct, database, loyalty, content, product, social, advertising, strategy, and more. Jay is a raver, a former travel guidebook author, a marketing technology startup founder, and a graduate of the University of Virginia’s prestigious McIntire School of Commerce. His favorite destination in the world is Hotel Garbi Ibiza.

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